The Leadership Challenge  
By James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner

I read this book several years ago and continue to refer back to it as one of my favourite leadership books. One of the statements the authors make is: “…leaders reinforce in others the courage required to get extraordinary things done in organizations.”

Willful Blindness  
By Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernen explores the reality that we all have blind spots, things we either don’t want to see or things we simply can’t see in ourselves and in our organizations. Heffernen “shows how we turn a blind eye in order to feel safe, avoid conflict, reduce anxiety, and protect prestige.” She also shares how we might see better as leaders. 

Persuasion: A New Approach To Changing Minds 
By Arlene Dickenson

In her book, Arlene Dickenson confirms that in business and in life, really listening makes all the difference. It’s asking good questions, listening and connecting, thus being able to interpret client needs. She credits this and always being herself as the underpinnings of her success as a principled influencer.

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